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Industries we deal with

Aspeya Infotech has long and focused practice in combining the business knowledge and technology will allows us to help our clients adapt as their industries change, and in the process, allows us to evolve the industries in which we operate. Aspeya Infotech assists organizations with developing a strategic understanding of ways in which business and IT can contribute to achieving overall organizational goals, and to develop awareness of the practical issues of integrating business and IT strategies.

Aspeya Infotech has more targeted services with greater consistency at less cost and risk. We create, implement, and maintain back-office functions, such as originations, collections, compliance and asset management. We also support in development of banking application using digital cloud technology and have expertise in banking cloud solutions across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

There is global progress toward the adoption of the electronic health record. The Web technologies leverage applications and a platform across multiple organizations provides easy and enhanced access to consolidated clinical and administrative information. Through a strategic mix of local contracting and global sourcing, healthcare organizations are reaching new levels of performance and price. We focus on shared services solutions that deliver immediate and measurable value.

Aspeya Infotech understands the challenges faced by retailers and works with them to build solutions that help in maximizing profits while making their connection with customers more personal. Aspeya Infotech focuses in building, implementing and managing the complex business and IT strategies in significantly changed retail marketplace.

Manufacturing industries are the chief wealth producing sectors of an economy. As these industries are important for an economy; they employ a huge share of the labor force and produce materials required by sectors of strategic importance. Industry leaders are transforming their IT infrastructures to support these key business initiatives. Our comprehensive manufacturing capabilities enable clients to attain continued improvements in sales, margin, cost and asset utilization.

Wealth management, on the other hand, is the manifestation of a financial planning engagement into a pro-active and holistic relationship for an indefinite length of time. Aspeya Infotech offers Paperless office and the proliferation of sophisticated financial planning and data integration/aggregation software for wealth management with imperative to improve the efficiency of processes, reduce servicing costs and ensure regulatory compliance.

The growth of product-focused companies, establishing the most appropriate distribution strategies is a major key to success, defined as maximizing sales and profits. Unfortunately, many of these companies often fail to establish or maintain the most effective distribution strategies. Aspeya Infotech helps you full transformation of IT infrastructures to support key initiatives that enhance value and optimize costs. These initiatives include continuing development of improved logistics, integration of ERP systems and e-business solutions, and increased collaboration in the supply chain.